Important Guidelines To Buy Used Cars

In case you are planning to buy a used car, you have to consider a few factors. You have to be sure about how old the car is, how much of travel has been done in the vehicle, if the vehicle was involved in any accident, if the model is still in use and if spare parts were easily available. You should keep yourself well informed about all types of cars so that during negotiations and discussions, you would be in a position to air your views and not be a silent spectator.

Where To Find For Used Cars

1. Check online:  Just type used car for sale in the search engine’s search box. You would come across hoards of sites giving you the details of the cars with the model number, year of manufacture, expected price etc. Most of the sellers put up photographs too.

2. Dealers: You would find dealers/ brokers in every city. They would be able to help you by telling you what type of cars are available with the costs. Since they get their commission, they would accompany you and would be able to guide you and help in checking the condition of the car.

3. Newspapers/ Magazines: Many still believe in the good old tradition of putting up advertisements in the car magazines or in the local newspapers.

4. Others: There could be cases like (a) Distress sale where a person is in need of urgent cash for some reason and does not mind selling at whatever offer they get

(b) When the owner is moving from the city or leaving the town/ country or (c) the owner wants to go for the new bigger car. They would want the maximum money possible. You have to bargain a lot with them.

There is a separate market for used car for sale. The market there is booming as of now due to low economy there. People are not in a position to buy new cars so are happy with the used cars for sale there.

Type of Sellers

Dealers: It is a business for them. They buy from customers at a particular cost, do some repairs, and resell it at a much higher margin. They have the knack of talking and the art of convincing the customers to buy at the costs they want.

Private sellers: You will find some of the private sellers who would like to dispose or sell their vehicle as early as possible. You can bargain with them and may even get your rate.

Others: There could be financial institutions/ banks who had given loans to the customers but they were unable to repay the instalments on time. These banks after a few notices pick up the car and resell it either in auctions or direct sale on cash basis. They advertise about the used cars for sale in the newspapers before they sell the vehicles.