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All car insurance companies, brokers and intermediaries listed here are members of the General Insurance Standards Council. They have excellent insurance staff support and claims services, should you need to contact them either about changes to your car insurance cover or making a claim on your policy.

Vist our specialist car insurance section for specialist car insurance schemes for women and young lady drivers, over fifties and drivers of sports cars, performance cars, vintage and classic cars.

Before you apply for a car insurance quote online please read our car insurance quotes page to save yourself time. This gives you an idea of the information you will be asked in order to complete a car insurance quote online.

What is UK Car Insurance?
Car Insurance is in reality a division of the more generic ‘Motor Insurance’ which is defined as the insurance of motor vehicles and liabilities arising out of the use of the vehicle.
The principle forms of car insurance covers that are available in the UK are:

Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover
Comprehensive car insurance covers the loss and or damage to the insured’s vehicle, liability to third parties, and various other sections depending upon the type of car or vehicle involved. Under private car insurance some of the extensions to cover that are available in the Uk are:
Personal Accident Cover
Coats and Personal effects insurance
Medical Expenses cover
Legal Expenses Cover
Audio Equipment Cover
Windscreen Cover

You should always check each insurance companies definition of ‘Comprehensive Car Insurance’ as many of the covers mentioned above will be additional costs if you purchase a ‘limited comprehensive’ car insurance policy which may appear cheaper but only covers damage to the car and liability for third party injury or property damage.

Third Party Fire & Theft
TPFT covers Third Party liability risks plus damage to the car if caused by either fire or theft

Third Party Only
This covers only the third party liabities as a minimum legal requirement for car insurance, in accordance with the compulsory insurance requirements of the Road Traffic Act of 1988. This cover is extremely difficult to obtain currently over the web and the advice of a specialist car insurance broker would be useful.

Car Insurance Brokers
A car insurance broker is an intermediary who specialises exclusively in selling car insurance. All brokers, agents, online intermediaries or the traditional high street shop must be authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
Brokers typically have access to a range of insurance policies from a variety of insurance companies who underwrite the policies, and unlike the recent Internet only offerings have been comparing car insurance quotes for years.
This allows brokers to collect details of cover once and provide a quote from the company offering the best or cheapest car insurance cover for an insured’s individual circumstances.
The number of agencies a broker will hold with insurance companies varies by broker, however some of the larger brokers may be able to provide comparative quotes from thirty or more insurers with much more preferable rates.

Apart from providing car insurance quotes, a broker will collect premiums, provide telephone support and advice, issue cover notes and other policy documents, deal with claims and policy renewals.

If you require specialist or tailored insurance cover because your circumstances or car doesn’t ‘fit’ the standard model used by many online providers, a broker will have access to markets and underwriters which will cover all drivers circumstances.

In summary, Car Insurance Brokers provide a personal service that you will not usually get from other outlets. Going to a broker should also save you time and money as they will do the legwork of finding cheap car insurance for you.

Lastest Great Deals:

For the latest deal as seen on televison, visit specialist online schemes comparison site Car Insurance Televison who have a simple to use form which allows you compare car insurance online from all the large TV advertisers and a comparison of specialist schemes which aren’t available to the big aggregators.

Direct Insurance Companies
Many insurance companies sell car insurance direct to the public by using call centres. Until the advent of call centres in the early nineties, a high street broker was the only way a driver could obtain car insurance. Going direct to an insurance company may provide cheaper car insurance for the ‘target market’ of a particular company, however one size doesn’t fit all and you may need to labouriously compare many different direct car insurers before you find suitable cover for your needs. This applies equally whether you phone a call centre or fill in an online quote application form. Many Car Insurance companies will offer additional discounts for purchasing your cover online as the costs of managing the policy are reduced.

Affinity Sellers and Supermarkets
Many large high street outlets will now offer you car insurance. In particular the large supermarkets are now offering cheap car insurance cover. The insurance offered by these outlets is usually provided by one insurance company with whom the supermarket has a deal.
They may be able to offer cheaper car insurance than the direct provider themselves as they are able to guarantee large volumes of business to the insurer.
However the standardisation of the product for the supermarket etc. often means that the majority of drivers wil be excluded.